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Emergency Release Iron Window Guard in Kenmore is one of the famous iron products Scarboro Iron has created. They have been known as the leading fabricator in Puget Sound. They have wide assortments of designs, styles, and forms available for a different taste of customers. They also offered other iron items such as iron handrails, iron gates, iron Juliet balconies, and many more. Two decades in the industry proves that they are a reliable company.

Window iron guard protects your family and home from burglary, thieves, and other unwanted intrusions. There are pros and cons in installing window guards. One example is that you can be trap in case of emergency if you have window guards/grills. But the good thing on Scarboro Iron’s emergency release window guard is it has a quick release mechanism which is a great advantage fire or emergency. Scarboro Iron makes different styles and design for window guards, from simple to intricate iron bars to beautiful customization. All of them is prepared for more protection and in ever competitive price.

Scarboro Iron assemble a dedicated team that has vast knowledge in making a well-built iron product. These individuals studied and researched thoroughly to provide the best result. Along with their creative minds, they only used a high-end iron material that secures the quality of their finished product. Window guards aren’t just merely for protection but also can add value to your home. You can choose from Scarboro iron’s wide variety of designs and styles available on their website. Or if you want to stand out a bit from everyone you can provide your concept and Scarboro Iron’s team will produce it for you.

Improve your house protection by installing Emergency Release Iron Window Guard in Kenmore. Scarboro Iron’s finest item. Contact them and get a free consultation. Call (425) 357-7315 now!