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“I never knew I needed it until I have it.” That is a sentiment of a lot of clients of Scarboro Iron. This statement often pertains to the fact that they are getting more from Scarboro Iron than what they expect. When someone decides to purchase an iron product, the expectation of the customer is that they will just receive a durable product that looks mechanical or without character. The first time that they get a glimpse of what we offer, they are often amazed that they are getting a product that radiates class and elegance. No wonder we are the primary provider of Exterior Guard Iron Hand Railings in Edmonds.

After more than twenty years, Scarboro Iron is still the leading fabricator in and around Puget Sound. That is a feat that we do not take for granted. We always make it a point to touch base with our customers to get a feel of what they need. This process was made easy by the fact that we are a local company that operates within the community where we are located. That is the main reason why all our products are created with a personal touch by our fabricators.

Our handrails are our pride. While it is true that we have a large selection of items that our clients orders from us, our handrails are what we often install for them. We always make sure to fabricate them with the same rigorous process that we put in place to make sure of their quality. That is why if someone needs an Exterior Guard Iron Hand Railings in Edmonds, we are the company that always comes to mind. Contact us at (425) 357-7315 and get a free consultation.