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The mark that sets Scarboro Iron apart is our capability to create beautiful pieces without sacrificing their functionality. That is why we are the only option for someone looking to get an Exterior Guard Iron Hand Railings in Snohomish County.

Local companies are perceived as introverts who lacks the ability to compete in the open market. It is an unfair and inaccurate belief, Scarboro Iron has proven that with the right training and motivation, not only can local companies compete, we can excel. After two decades of handling the iron work requirements of our community, we have gathered enough experience to be able to create items that is not only fully functional, but beautiful as well. A perfect combination for anyone looking for a long-term investment. Spend your money once by purchasing our product and you will reap the benefit for a long time. You can never go wrong if you are with Scarboro Iron.

The diversity of the products that we offer is another strength that we are proud of. We can fabricate items as simple as pipe railings to regular iron products as steel doors or iron furniture’s and we can also create something as unique and intricate as an iron statue. Out of all of them, our handrails are the best known. It is because of the multiple use that we can get off them. They can be installed in balconies, stairways, decks and a lot more. Handrails can also be customized specially if you are dealing with experts like our fabricators. The design that they end up with will largely depend on what our client wants.

The trust and confidence given to a small local company like us was hard won, so we intend to keep it. So, if you need an Exterior Guard Iron Hand Railings in Snohomish County, call us at (425) 357-7315 for a free estimate.