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Iron products are associated with longevity. Anything made of iron is supposed to last longer than any item made of any other material. That may be the case, but the only constant in this world is change. Even the most durable piece is bound to deteriorate. Good thing there is Scarboro Iron, we not only create the most durable product in Puget Sound, but we can also even restore existing iron items to its former glory. That is why we are the best in Iron Restoration in King County.

The items we deliver are known for their unique blend of beauty and function. Our design team is trained to create any design our clients want. They can recreate traditional designs for the classic loving clients, and we can also create the current or modern design for customers who prefer that style. That flexibility to establish what our clients want is what makes us stand out.

We have an extensive product line ranging from the plainest rails up to the most intricately designed items. All of which goes through the thorough quality control process that we have put in place.  We have outdoor items like an iron trellis, iron arbors, iron decks, and iron balconies. We also have a lot of things that are used as part of the home. Iron doors, Iron stairs, Iron awnings and a lot more. We also create items like iron furniture and iron statue.

For over two decades, we have stuck with the same basic principle in running our business. Customer comes first. That is the reason why clients keep coming back to us. Why we are the premier company when it comes to Iron Restoration in King County. Please call us at (425) 357-7315 for a free estimate.