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Scarboro Iron, a small local company, based in Puget Sound, provides the best service of Iron Restoration in Kirkland. We are trained in creating the finest iron product in the market, and we use that knowledge to restore items to their former glory. We have the expertise to make sure that all the things we create and restore are durable and beautiful.

Aside from restoring iron items, we can also create and build new products for our clients. We are also the best iron fabricator in Puget Sound. We can create both classical and contemporary iron designs, and we can even custom built them based on what our clients need.

The number of products that we create is quite extensive. To name a few, we generate iron stairs, iron gates, iron fence, iron doors, iron awning and a whole lot more. Not only do we create a lot of items, we even have multiple designs for them. We can create the most basic model up to the most intricate ironwork in all our product. Whatever our client needs, we provide. We can assure anyone who wants their item created that we can handle anything. We have proven that point by merely being the best in what we do for more than two decades.

Among all the items we create, the most popular is our handrails. This item is a product that we can sell as a standalone or we can incorporate into another object. The one thing common in all the objects that we create is our quality, all our items are made to last.

That is how we rose to the ranks of fabricators in the area. Any item created by Scarboro Iron is created with class, function and quality in mind. That makes us the perfect provider of Iron Restoration in Kirkland. Call us now at (425) 357-7315 and get a free consultation.