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Scarboro Iron is a small local iron fabrication company that offers almost all household iron product in the market. Our ability to create and customize our product has made us the top option in creating custom-made products. So, if you are in the market for a Pipe Iron Railings in Edmonds, we are the company for you.

The product we offer ranges from the most basic up to the more intricately designed. We can even group them based on their use.

Our indoor products are designed to fit the layout of the home. They are mostly used to enhance the look of the existing facility, and they are mostly decorative and not fixed in a specific area. Some of the product in this group are indoor iron furniture; custom made decorative ironwork and an iron statue.

The next group is the outdoor items, the characteristics of the things on this group are centered on durability. Since the details on this list are exposed to the elements, it is expected that they will be created with an emphasis on being strong. This group includes iron trellis, iron arbors, and outdoor iron furniture.

The last group of items we carry is the house part or enhancements. These are the items that can be included while building a home or they can be added as an enhancement later. Making this item also increase the value of the property.

Those are the major groups of items that we create. The one thing in common that they have is great quality. The experience that we acquired building them has set us up as the primary option in creating the perfect Pipe Iron Railings in Edmonds. Call us at (425) 357-7315 to talk to a specialist.