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For a fabricator, one of the hardest things to achieve is the balance between beauty and function. Ironworkers are often pre-occupied with the durability of the item they create which unfortunately lead to some choosing to ignore the aesthetics of their product. The sad part is; even after their sacrifice, some barely meet the minimum required strength of an iron product. That fact is one of the reasons why people flock to Scarboro Iron to create their custom product; we install the most elegant and most durable Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings in Edmonds.

In more than twenty years in the business, we saw firsthand how most steel works provider struggle creating enticing designs for their items. We quickly solved that problem by encouraging our design team to continue learning. It did not take long before they became experts in creating unique designs for our customers. They even trained to recreate the best traditional designs for clients who prefer a more traditional or classical look. Even more, they keep themselves updated to the latest design trends in the market. Making them leaders in creating a contemporary design that shows the mood of the times.

While our designers created the most appealing plans and designs for our product, our fabricators easily kept pace by continuously studying all processes in iron fabrication. By reading up on updates for the newest technique or methods, they have armed themselves the knowledge needed to execute any design or plan while making sure that the quality of our items does not suffer.

With the range of quality products that we offer, its easy to see why Scarboro Iron is fast becoming the fabricator of choice in Puget Sound. It’s no wonder we are now the premier installer of Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings in Edmonds. Call us at (425) 357-7315 for a free estimate.