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Scarboro Iron is the unanimous answer in the question of who the best local iron manufacturer in Puget Sound is. Our company is a small local business who aims to provide our community with world-class iron products, products that have a mixture of beauty and function, a product that would last generations. That is what we offer. That is why we became the primary provider of Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings in Issaquah.

The items that we manufacture are mostly for residential use. It is a rule with few exemptions, and one of those exemptions is when we create a Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings. We decided to offer that product to the public since we know that we build one of the best handrails in the area. We want our clients to have the chance to own a world class item without breaking their bank account.

We have used the same thorough quality control process for several years, and our primary aim in doing so is to take away substandard objects before they get brought to our customers. All objects created by Scarboro Iron comes with a guarantee that they are durable and well made. We want to ensure that when we install an item, there is no second guessing and buyer’s remorse on our client’s side.

Other than making iron handrails; we provide a wide range of iron items that are made with our trademark blend of class and function. We create outdoor objects like iron arbors and iron trellis. We also develop indoor products and even home extensions designed to enhance the current home like an iron balcony, iron decks, and iron canopies.

For more than two decades, we never stopped training on how to improve our craft. Exerting all attempt to offer our customers with objects that they can use their entire life. Much like our Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings in Issaquah. call us at (425) 357-7315 for an estimate.