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The constant answer on an inquiry of who the best local iron fabricator in Puget Sound is Scarboro Iron. We’re a small local business which has created a legacy of delivering the best iron product in our community. Beautiful and durable iron products design to last a lifetime. That is what we provide, that is why we handle a majority of Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings in Shoreline.

The products that we provide are often for residential use. We have a couple of unique instances where we create a non-household object and considered one of them is our Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings. We’ve determined to offer this item to the public since we know that our railings are one of the best in the market.

We have used the same quality control process for several years. The primary goal of this process is to eliminate cheap items before they get delivered to our customers. All objects created by Scarboro Iron comes with a guarantee that it is world class in both strength and design. We want to make sure that once we install an item, every time the new owners see if they would be proud to claim it as their own.

Aside from making iron handrails; we provide other iron objects which are made with our trademark mixture of class and function. We create outdoor items like iron arbors and iron trellis. We also develop items used indoors and even home extensions like an iron balcony, iron decks, and iron canopies.

For more than twenty years, we never stopped studying how to improve our craft. Exerting all effort to provide our customers with items that they can use their whole life. Just like our Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings in Shoreline. Call us at (425) 357-7315 for an estimate.