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The leading iron fabricator in Puget Sound is Scarboro Iron. We are a small local company whose only goal is to create world-class iron works for the use of our community. The items that we have installed has endured all types of weather and kept strong proving that a company’s size is not the correct barometer in getting the best service. Even if we’re small, we have installed some of the best iron products In Sultan. This list includes the sturdiest Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings in Sultan.

Our best-selling product is our handrails. We create them in a variety of ways. We can use the most basic design or use the most intricate plan. The range of materials to choose from is also quite broad. The flexibility we offer our clients is one of the draws of buying handrails from us.

Aside from our handrails, we can also create other iron household items. We offer quite a lot of product. We provide outdoor products like iron arbors, iron trellis, iron fence, iron gates, and iron canopies. We also create iron emergency doors and stairs. All of the products mentioned can be custom made, and we can even incorporate the idea of our client for our final design.

The items we create have one thing in common, their quality. We have created a process designed to weed out any substandard piece that we might inadvertently deliver. For more than twenty years, our quality control process has never failed us. We are still creating durable and classy iron items. Our design team has only grown better with time, and we are eager to prove that we are the best in our field.

We create items with a single-minded purpose of improving. That is why we are the best fabricator to build your Sidewalk Cafe Iron Railings in Sultan. Call us at (425) 357-7315 and check our other items.